OnionMail public server list.
Server Nick Type Group Online Stable Sub.Av. Wizard Ping Exit Friends
7w65g63fgumvpuvd.onion hiddenmail     Y Y 99% Y 0.76" 1 44
ndo2plzaruzxk6sb.onion dozaru UNK Y Y 99% Y 0.28" 1 53
kjzhohqqslrw4bep.onion hobe     Y Y 99% Y 0.87" 1 44
wc2eyfmw7wrwomf4.onion anonmail     Y N 99% Y 0.44" 1 36
wqlc3ny6wcbxy2r7.onion anon02 BIG anon Y N 99% Y 1.63" 1 39
vq664mp4rpdbvxzc.onion kozonygi     Y N 99% Y 0.91" 1 39
fwb2cosocslxnvtg.onion anon03 BIG anon Y N 99% Y 0.72" 1 44
yzi57csfqno6xgwb.onion secretmail     Y N 99% Y 0.81" 1 51
xhfheq5i37waj6qb.onion anon01 BIG anon Y N 99% Y 0.39" 1 47
ppstttb6wezrcldg.onion tymeioigi     Y N 99% Y 1.24" 1 41
flnbsyyqh3vqet5p.onion syyqe     Y N 99% Y 3.85" 1 47
egxwaxpblag22ejo.onion walajo     Y N 99% Y 1.03" 1 44
7hst7dcpypl5tjcp.onion xyrasoru     Y N 99% Y 2.59" 1 40
f6tch6hxjpazaowz.onion orwell     Y N 99% Y 42.56" 1 37
v7opa5w6rlctoec7.onion robertpolsen     Y N 99% Y 1.12" 1 44
w2wqyssyue7l63q2.onion bentham     Y N 96% Y 5.08" 1 40


If you want your server in this directory set it as open server. The OnionMail directory scan it then put into the list automaticaly.
To set the server type and server group see this howto.

To include or exclude your server from this directory, send a message to the application:


The subject must be "SERVER ADD" or "SERVER REMOVE" and the sender must be the sysop user.
Use the word "RULEZ" on the subject to get more informations about network application.

OnionMail public exit server list.

Server Nick Ping Friends Stable Online
mxtor.xyz mxtor 1.1" 31 N N
onionmail.info onionmail 2.03" 38 N Y

These servers are not managed by the OnionMail communities. This list is produced by OnionMail directory application by IAM protocol.
This list may be incomplete or out of date.
To contact the administratos of the server, use the sysop contact mail address (sysop@address.onion or sysop.addres.onion@onionmail.info ).

.: Today there are 58514 users in the OnionMail network :.
Information retrieved from the statistics of some servers that make them available.

List updated at date 08/11/2020 01:44

To open the web page of the servers you must to use TOR.

Server Types:

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