OnionMail Wizard (Debian, TAILS, etc...)
WARNING, not available in the current version of TAILS.

OnionMail becomes easier, especially for users who use TAILS, Debian or others:
Thanks to the script onionmail-wizard you can enable and configure a mailbox on any server in OnionMail quickly and easily:

(If you are a Windows user read at the end of this page).

1) Download this script:

< Create your OnionMail >

OnionMail wizard

PGP Signed version

Use this link on Internet:
(Need Ca Cert ROOT CA)

Use this link on TOR network:

PGP Signed version


TAILS Users: This script requires the persistence: (Claws-Mail, dot files and home directory).
If you want to try without save, you can create a directory named "Persistent" in amnesia home.

Debian Users: This script requires: Claws-Mail, tor, torsocks

Parrot OS Users:

Check your system entropy with:

 gpg -a --gen-random 2 10 

and use anon surf.


Version 1.8.3

What does this script:

Watch the tutorial on youtube.



2) Extract and verify:

Be sure to download the script from:


You can do it in terminal:
wget http://onionmail.info/network/wizard.tar.gz.asc
gpg --recv-keys 8288216B
gpg -o wizard.tar.gz --decrypt wizard.tar.gz.asc

Click on the downloaded file with the right mouse button on the file and choose "extract here."

Alternative in terminal:
tar -xf wizard.tar.gz

3) Run the wizard:

Open the "wizard" directory and click on the file "wizard" to run it.
Choose "Run in terminal".

Alternative in terminal:
cd wizard

The script will open a terminal window. Click on the window and use the keyboard.
Y = Create you OnionMail
H = Read the OnionMail manual, usage, threat model and howto.

4) Choose a server:

The script will download via TOR the OnionMail server list.
Group = Group of servers managed by same entity.
Status = Percentage of available subscription to this hour.
Type = Server Type:
  • NOR = Normal server.
  •  - = No set any informations.
  • EXP = Experimental / Test server (Don't use).
  • CLO = Closed (Subscriptions are not allowed).
  • BIG = Big server (more than 1000 users).
  • HUG = Huge server (more than 2000 users).
  • STA = Server full (Registration is not recommended).
  • RST = Reset server (Delete all user after h 00:00 am automatically).
  • ??? = Configuration error.
  • BAD = Bad server (Don't use).
  • MNT = Server under maintenance.

5) Insert the CAPTCHA code:

You will be shown a picture in ascii art, you will need to recognize the characters and enter the code.
Be careful there may be some strange symbols to ignore.
Please wait to otherside reply after press return.
Sometime the hidden services may be slow.

The characters may be flipped horizontally, vertically.

6) Insert your data:

7) Your OnionMail is ready to use:

At this point it will open Claws-mail, already configured and ready to send and receive messages to your new mailbox.
You can create as many accounts as you want by re-running the script.
At this point you can also remove the script. (To open your mailbox open Claws-mail).

In alternative you can choose an OnionMail server and subscribe to it via web (if supported).
To get a list of OnionMail open servers see the OnionMail directory:


Use the server's web page.

If you don't have any Debian system but you use windows:

< OnionMail wizard for Windows >
Download this bundle:
OnionMail wizard Bundle
See documentation for windows users.
It include: TOR, NTU, Claws-Mail, OnionMail-Wizard, GnuPG.
It works on: Windows 7, 8, XP.

Windows systems are not considered safe for privacy.

(CC) by OnionMail Project

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