After the recents disclosures of the datagate, the PRISM project, X-Keyscore and the closure of lavabit, we have realized that is necessary to look for the soultions faster and simple to protect the communications against the mass surveillance.
This is not done to prevent the action of the investigation of governments, is done to guard against clandestine espionage. This is done to prevent the attacker or the multinationals of espionage read undisturbed our mail.

We live in a world where Alice can not, or will soon no longer be able to communicate freely with his friend Bob.
We live in a world of mass interception systems without there being a real purpose or any negative action in place.

It's gotten to the point that we must declare the lack of security in the standard e-mail systems. So it seems necessary to increase the safety and protection of metadata from espionage.
We are not doing conspiracy. In truth we don't care any of this espionage. The best decision is to stay out of all this and protect themselves only for the security policy.

Someone will tell us that our email is intercepted in advance for security reasons?
We reply that our mail is not interceptable for security reasons.

The security can not be taken by those who are conniving with clandestine espionage since the time of ECHELON and the UKUSA agreement.

We prefer to grant us our security without being in the hands of any espionage.
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