OnionMail (Debian, TAILS, etc...)
On TAILS Activate the persistence.

Choose an Onionmail server here
To get a list of OnionMail open servers see the OnionMail directory:


Use the server's web page.

Use OnionMail becomes easier, especially for users who use TAILS, Debian, Android or others.
To use OnionMail you need:
  • TOR to connect through onion routing.
  • torsocks or torbirdy (Thunderbird), NTU (only windows systems).
  • GnuPG to encrypt your messages.
  • A mail clients.

Simple setup:
  • Install Tor Browser.
  • Install Claws-Mail (set the proxy) or Thunderbird (use torbirdy).
  • Open Tor browser.
  • (Set the proxy configuration as SOCKS4A / SOCKS5 on
  • Create an Onionmail account here:
If you don't have any Linux system but you use windows:

< OnionMail wizard for Windows >
Download this bundle:
OnionMail wizard Bundle
See documentation for windows users.
It include: TOR, NTU, Claws-Mail, OnionMail-Wizard, GnuPG.
It works on: Windows 7, 8, XP.

Warning: Very old and not updated software!
Windows systems are not considered safe for privacy.

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