OnionMail full setup (step by step).
Do all as root.
Onionmail with apt
Installing used packages
apt-get update
apt-get install default-jre
apt-get install cpulimit
apt-get install tor
apt-get install wipe
apt-get install libcap2-bin
Installing OnionMail
Use OnionMail apt repository.
apt-get install onionmail
Configure OnionMail

To create the server use:


Final considerations steps etc...
Into the sysop.txt you will find the sysop user's account password and parameters.
When the boot sequence is completed the sysop user will receive the autodestruction KCTL certificate.
Remember to change the files permissions and java user.
After installation the passphrase to run the server is stored in this file:
Keep it in a secure place and delete via wipe command from the OnionMail's server (machine).
To limit the cpu usage use cpulimit.
Send a message to your server with subject RULEZ!

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