MaxSMTPSession 10
Set the maximum simultaneous SMTP sessions.
MaxSMTPSessionTTL 1200
Set the socket timeout in milliseconds when SMTP session don't receive any data.
MaxSMTPSessionInitTTL 1500
Set the session inactivity timeout in milliseconds.
ListThreadsMax 10
Set the maximum simultaneously mailing list sending threads.
ListThreadsTTL 30
Set the mailing list thread timeout (in seconds per each message).
MessagesGarbageEvery 30
Set when messages are old and can delete (in days).
SMTPPreHelloWait  n
Wait for n milliseconds before sending banner. If OnionMail receive any data without banner message close the connection.
SMTPVerifySender yes | no
Set the sender verification.
VerfySenderViaSimulation yes | no
Reconnect to SMTP sever to verifiy (only exit) and do the SMTP session to verify if user exists.
ExitCheckViaTor yes | no
Check exit/enter via tor connection.
Virtual MAT in TOR Error policy:
These parameters set how to change the subject of the message when the VMAT address of sender is false or wrong.
VMATErr (error) (action)
The error can be:
* = All error.
SRV_ERR1 = VMAT server mismatch. (VMAT server is not the sender server).
N_VMAT = No VMAT exit node sent. (VMAT informations incomplete).
FALSE_VMAT = False sign of VMAT server.
FALSE_SENDER1 = False from (VMAT address)
FALSE_SENDER2 = False from (Onion address)
The action can be:
HIDE = Don't show (only header)
STAR = Put a star character in subject (*)
SHOW = Put all error in subject

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