EnableDNSBL yes | no
Enable DNSBL Query (only exit router)
DNSBLUseCache yes | no
Enable Cache for DNSBL and MX DNS.
DNSBLForceMainDNSServer no | yes
Force to use DNSServer
DNSBLCacheSize 256
Maximum entry in DNSBL cache
DNSBLCacheTTL 3600
Time To Live for DNSBL chache (seconds).
DNSCheckTimeout 500
Timeout in milliseconds (per DNS query).
DNSCheckRetry 1
Number of retry for DNSBL / DNS MX Check.
Disable the DNSBL to a network area.
You can set the ip address drectly as spam or not via DNSBLIPList parameter:
DNSBLIPList { OK SPAM This is Ok This is Spam!!
The word SPAM set the ip address as spam.
The word OK unset the ip address as spam.
Use one ip per line.
Tho set the DNSBL server list use DNSBLServers parameter:
DNSBLServers {
Put a server per line.

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